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New Zealand Made Italian Style Cheese

Il Casaro cheeses are lovingly hand-made by an Italian artisan cheesemaker, Massimiliano (Max) De Caro in Auckland. 

He makes the cheeses according to the same traditional methods taught to him from an early age by master cheesemakers in the small village in Puglia, southern Italy where he grew up.

Having mastered his art and with more than 25 years of experience making both soft and hard cheeses, Max decided to travel.  And for that we are thankful!

Now using these methods, together with local organic cow milk carefully selected and combined for its freshness, flavour and fat levels, he produces his fresh cheeses daily so that New Zealanders can enjoy them in the same way Italians have for centuries.

And enjoy them we do! 

Deservedly Il Casaro won Gold and Bronze awards respectively for their fresh Mozzarella and Burrata at the "NZ Champions of Cheese Awards 2012"

Watch the link below to see mozzarella being made: 

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