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Glice (monoglyceride of fatty acids), 300g

Glice (monoglyceride of fatty acids), 300g
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Price: $33.59 NZD
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Model: MGTX-250065
Manufacturer: Albert & Ferran Adria
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Monoglyceride and diglyceride derived from fats, obtained from glycerine and fatty acids.

Glice has been chosen for its high stability to act as an emulsifier which integrates a watery medium into a fatty medium. It is an emulsifier similar to oil, which means that it must first be broken down with a fatty element and then added to the watery element.

Product comes in flakes. Indissoluble in water. It dissolves in oil heated up to 60° C.The mixture of oil and Glice in water must be integrated slowly for the emulsion to be satisfactory.

Price per 300g Can.



Écume d´huile d´olive vierge from Solé Graells on Vimeo.

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